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Walking in the Moment

The benefits of walking. 

The list of health benefits from physical activity, especially walking outdoors, gets longer and longer: improved circulation, better balance and flexibility, improved sleep, better digestion, greater awareness and sense of well-being and stronger motivation. In short, walking is good for the heart, brain and body and these benefits are magnified for a person in the early stages of dementia.

The Alzheimer's Society on exercise 

There is ample evidence that well-being after an enjoyable activity can last for hours, or even days.

Short-term memory loss means that people who used to enjoy walking become severely limited in what they can do, as familiar routes become forgotten. However, when walking as part of a group memory loss ceases to be a problem and people can concentrate on their surroundings and conversation.

Pals and volunteers mix easily, and often the anxiety of those affected by dementia can disappear.  Many carers say that their dementia sufferer's ability to chat improves after a walk.  Living in the here and now can mean that people with dementia have a greater capacity to enjoy the quality of the moment and the feeling of well-being can last for hours, or even days after the event.