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Wednesday 1 May 2024

 Walking from Potterne Park and around part of Moors Valley Country Park on Tuesday 30th April 2024

How lucky were we? The sun was shining when we arrived at Potterne Park around 14.00 and continued to shine as we walked a circular route in Moors Valley. Several of our group of eleven hadn't visited this park before so it was all a new experience for some of us and a pleasant repeat for the rest.

After a lovely walk where we chatted about lots of different things, met some lovely dogs out walking with their owners, we took a short drive to The Hub for coffee/tea and cake. The staff at The Hub were very attentive, like all  the venues we attend, so a nice day was had by everyone.

One of our PALS is busy showing us some photos of her recent sketches.....a very talented lady indeed.
The sun was still shining when we departed and agreed that we would be looking forward to our next walk on 21st May, as we have had to cancel our walk on 7th May due to too many drivers being away.